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About Ryan

With over 20 years in tech leadership, I am currently the Systems Architect for NASA's Search & Discovery Train, overseeing 30 applications. My focus is on enhancing these systems to meet future challenges, by innovating and integrating new technologies that help scientists tackle global issues.

Previously, I worked at Waymark, where I managed Python code for Facebook ad spends, creating methods to maintain budget control and ad visibility despite platform constraints. Before that, I co-founded Science Exchange, a marketplace that revolutionized access to scientific resources. As CTO, I led its development, earning support from major Silicon Valley VCs and Y Combinator.

I'm dedicated to staying at the forefront of tech, continually engaging in environments that challenge the status quo and fostering industry-wide innovation. My commitment extends to sharing insights at various technical and earth science conferences, promoting growth and collaboration across disciplines.

My Experience

Throughout my career, I've contributed to significant projects and ventures across diverse fields, from pioneering new technologies at NASA to democratizing website creation with Siimple, and accelerating startup growth through Y Combinator.

Systems Architect

I oversee nearly 30 applications, focusing on keeping them running smoothly and preparing them for the future by updating or replacing them as needed. My role also involves using new technologies to create tools that help scientists address big challenges facing our planet. Additionally, I work closely with various teams to make sure these applications are ready to grow and adapt as new needs arise.
Apr 2016

Co-Founder, CEO

As co-founder and CEO of Siimple, I lead our mission to simplify website creation. With over a decade in tech, I've seen tools become too complex, pushing us to make web development accessible for everyone. Siimple empowers users to effortlessly build professional-quality websites, removing the barriers to innovation and creativity.
Jan 2024

YCombinator S11

I participated in Y Combinator's Summer 2011 batch, gaining seed funding, mentorship, and crucial networking opportunities. This experience sharpened my skills in rapid product iteration and market validation, significantly impacting my ventures, including Science Exchange. The program also connected me with a valuable network of peers and investors in the tech industry.
Jun 2011 - Sep 2011

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